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  • Backup a storage account to a file.
  • Restore a storage account from an existing backup file.
  • Copy all data from one storage account to another.
  • Also supports development storage.

How to setup:

How it works:

This project consists of 3 components
  • Backup Server. The backup server must be installed within an existing Web Role or Worker Role. The backup server performs all backup & restore operations within the Windows Azure environment.
  • Backup Client. The backup client provides a friendly way of performing a backup & restore at any time from a Windows PC.
  • Backup Library. You can use the backup library to implement your own backup system or automate your backup operations, e.g. perform backups on a schedule.
Data is backed up & restored using the following techniques:
  • Data is backed up by retrieving all entities from all tables. The maximum number of entities are returned per table service query (until a partition entity is hit or 1000 entities are returned).
  • Data is restored by performing batch insert operations. The maximum number of entities are inserted per batch (100 entities per partition or 4mb batch size).
  • All transactions are performed at the raw REST level for efficiency, and to ensure data is duplicated precisely.
  • The backup file format is a gzip compressed file containing the atom xml from the table service queries.
  • All communication between the client & the server is over SSL.

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