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Backup Client Setup Guide

Once you have configured & deployed your backup server you can run the backup client application.

To setup the backup client:
  1. Install & run the backup client.
  2. Click the Options... button.
  3. In the Server address field, enter the address of your backup server:
    1. If your backup server is hosted in a web role, the address should look like this:
    2. If your backup server is hosted in a worker role, the address should look like this: net.tcp://
  4. In the Authentication key field, enter the authentication key you specified when configuring your backup server.
  5. The Certificate identity field is optional. You only need to specify this if the subject name of your SSL certificate differs from the actual domain (e.g. if you are using a wildcard certificate).
  6. In the Storage accounts section, you can enter each of the storage accounts you want to backup or restore to. You do not need to include development storage.

Note that all storage account settings are triple-des encrypted before they are stored on your PC, however because this is an open source project the encryption key is available in the source code. You may want to change the encryption key for maximum security.

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